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 Domestic Violence Primer
Information about Domestic Violence and Children's Exposure to Domestic Violence. In this presentation, Patricia Duncan Hall and Kathryn Burroughs present information about domestic violence with a particular focus on the child's point of view.
  Domestic Violence Defined - Presentation Patricia  521 11 07/25/11 8:11 PM
  Recording of July 28 Live Online Discussion Kristin Bodiford  126 1 06/24/11 10:11 AM
  Articles and Resources Kathryn Burroughs  190 2 08/09/10 8:09 PM
 Childhood Exposure to Violence
Included in this area are two presentations by Dr. Linda Chamberlain providing an overview of the effects of childhood exposure to violence. Also included are the First Impressions Videos.
  Dr. Chamberlain Part 1 - Trauma and Potential for Healing Families Thrive  1072 19 08/07/10 8:51 PM
  Dr. Chamberlain Part 2 - Violence and Children's Health Families Thrive  361 6 08/12/10 5:16 PM
  Recording of Live Online Discussion - August 12, 2010 Kristin Bodiford  126 2 06/24/11 10:19 AM
  Articles and Resources Linda Chamberlain  183 5 08/13/11 4:16 PM
 Identification and Assessment
In this presentation, Dr. Jeff Edleson shares from his research and practice how we can better serve children by using tools to assess exposure to domestic violence.
  Identifying and Assessing Childhood Exposure to DV Devorah Levine  484 11 08/26/10 9:12 AM
  Recording of Live Online Discussion from August 26. 2010 Jeffrey Edleson  84 1 06/24/11 9:41 AM
  Articles and Resources Jeffrey Edleson  95 2 08/28/10 7:50 PM
 Working With Families In Contact
  Advocacy Beyond Leaving: Working with Families in Contact Kathryn Burroughs  139 1 08/13/11 9:38 AM
  Advocacy Beyond Leaving: Reading Resources Families Thrive  110 1 08/13/11 4:47 PM
   Resilience and Strengths-Based Framework
Join in presentations about a Resilience and Strengths-Based Framework for working with children and youth impacted by domestic violence.
  Cultural Relevance & Resilience Presentation Shadidi Sia-Maat  147 1 05/03/12 1:41 PM
  Nurtured Heart Approach Presentation Howard Glasser  167 1 06/24/11 9:57 AM
  Resilience Framework Presentation Sara Truebridge  178 1 06/24/11 10:03 AM
  Strengths-Based Practice with Children, Youth, and Families Michael Ungar  119 1 05/03/12 2:39 PM
 Cultural Considerations
In this presentation, Dr. Sujata Warrier shares a new view of culture and how we can challenge our current thinking to shape a more just outcome for the children, youth and families we work with. Join the discussion!
  "It's in Their Culture" Conversation with Dr. Warrier Kathryn Burroughs  272 6 06/24/11 10:25 AM
 Teen Dating Violence
A community discussion on early intervention and prevention on teen dating violence. Find resources, presentations and videos here to support your work with youth in our community.
  Teen Dating Violence Families Thrive  246 6 07/22/11 12:57 AM
  Teen Dating Violence Presentation Tatiana Colon  152 5 07/22/11 12:13 AM
 View Video Resources
View video resources to learn more about the issue of children's exposure to domestic violence, the impact on a child's developing brain, and what we can do as a community to build a responsive system to support children and families.
  closed First Impressions Videos Families Thrive  6244 5 09/23/11 12:25 PM
  Hear Our Voices Digital Stories Families Thrive  429 5 09/24/10 2:23 PM
 Presentaciones y Vídeos en Espanol
Presentaciones y Vídeos en Espanol
  Vídeos de las Primeras Impresiones Families Thrive  238 5 05/21/09 12:29 PM
 Have Questions? Want to Join?
Come here to find out more about Families Thrive. More resources (both online and face-to-face) are available for individuals and organizations doing work in Contra Costa County. Also post your questions here about Families Thrive.
  About Families Thrive & How to Join! Kristin Bodiford  140 2 11/22/09 11:17 AM
  Online Community Thrival Blog Kristin Bodiford  187 1 10/19/09 7:09 PM
 Share Stories and Actions
Through our stories we will learn more about this issue, take action and collaborate with each other. Post your stories and actions here!
  Share Your Sparks! Kathryn Burroughs  204 1 08/20/11 6:51 PM
 Events and Announcements
Share information with others about events, opportunities for action, funding, grant, and other similar opportunities here.
  Events, Announcements, Funding and Other Opportunities Families Thrive  876 50 06/25/12 3:15 PM
 Submit Your Prototype Idea
Do you have a prototype idea you would like to submit? Please email your ideas to info@familiesthrive.org or post to this discussion.
  Prototypes In Action - Leveraging our Collective Expertise Kathryn Burroughs  211 9 10/18/11 2:10 PM
  Submit Your Prototype Idea - Ideas to Action Kristin Bodiford  111 1 07/14/10 10:34 AM

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