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 Debriefing Techniques in Simulation
Discuss different techniques in debriefing
  Debriefing Techniques in Simulation AACN Collaboration Community1  324 3 01/20/13 11:18 AM
 Improving NCLEX Scores
Join the conversation!
  Improving NCLEX Scores AACN Collaboration Community1  658 11 02/28/13 12:23 PM
 Integration of Genomics into Nursing Curricula
  Curriculum Integration of Genomic Information AACN Collaboration Community1  1564 25 02/18/16 10:55 PM
   Leadership Discussion Board
This discussion board focuses on leadership issues and is open to all AACN members.
  Clinical hours with FMLA Norma Hall1  4887 23 04/18/16 2:47 PM
  Virtual Book Club Mary Bondmass1  34 1 10/08/14 7:08 AM
 Member Initiated Discussions
Do you have a topic you would like to discuss with peers? In this section you can initiate a discussion group on a topic of interest with other members of the Community.
  Community and Employer Feedback Sheila Paul  72 7 03/07/13 6:42 AM
  DNP Clinical Hours and Credit esouthard  85 1 04/11/13 5:49 AM
  Intervention Research Workshop Dianne Morrison-Beedy  61 1 10/24/12 9:19 AM
   Opening the Doors for Students with Disabilities in Nursing and Allied Health Programs
  Opening the Doors for Students with Disabilities Mary Bondmass1  27 1 09/18/14 11:58 AM
 Pain Management
Successful pain management requires expert assessment skills and thorough knowledge of pharmacologic therapies. These topics, along with current controversies such as safety issues as well as abuse and diversion concerns will be addressed.
  Challenges In Pain Management AACN Collaboration Community1  130 1 10/03/12 11:15 AM
  New Treatments in Pain Management AACN Collaboration Community1  61 1 10/03/12 11:16 AM
  Pain and Addition Classes or Lectures AACN Collaboration Community1  58 1 10/03/12 11:16 AM
  Pain Management Regulation AACN Collaboration Community1  56 1 10/03/12 11:16 AM

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