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The ACOS/SOSA Student Community allows you to apply for ACOS/SOSA student membership (national and local), register for Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA) conventions, participate in trending discussion topics through use of the discussion boards, collaborate with other students nationally and through local chapter groups, access information from the resource library and receive valuable life and career mentoring from surgical residents and/or surgeons in active practice by participating in the student “Mentor Match” program.

Those new to the community may use the following temporary log-in ID and passcode (case sensitive):

Upon entering the site for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new, unique ID and password once you have completed the registration process. We suggest using your e-mail address as your login ID. Try to choose a password that you will be able to remember.

Important Reminder

Membership in this student community does not grant membership into the national SOSA/ACOS organization until you complete the student membership form and submit a $30 dues payment.  The student membership form becomes available after you complete your profile and join the community. Those who join this student community and who are not national SOSA/ACOS members will have 24 hours to complete the student membership form and submit your $30 national dues payment. After the 24 hour period, your membership to this community may be de-activated.  Payment of national dues does not include local chapter dues.  Please contact your local chapter leadership for details on local chapter dues.  If you are unable to contact your local chapter leadership, please email for more information.




This is a private computer system. Any unauthorized access will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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